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Explore New Sexual Pleasures

Anal Pleasures is a Raven’s Lair Video Training Program that is designed to take a person on a journey into discovery of exciting erotic sensations.

How do you feel about anal sex? Do you consider the anus to be dirty? Many in our society consider anal play and anal sex taboo. There are many myths and misconceptions about anal sex. A few include the following:

Engaging in anal sex means you are gay.

Anal sex is sinful.

Anal sex is painful.

If you engage in anal sex, you are weak.

Anal sex is disgusting.

Anal sex is dangerous.

Breaking the Myths

There are many more myths and taboos that I could list about anal sex. The truth is that one can enjoy anal sex without any messiness, pain, or danger. Anal sex is a common sexual activity for many heterosexual couples. The truth is that breaking the anal taboo can be very rewarding and empowering. Anal play and anal sex can intensify the orgasmic experience for both women and men. The anus is rich in nerve endings and can be a source of extreme pleasure.

Anal Pleasures is a journey into anal play and anal sex. Many heterosexual couples are starting to explore anal activities. Why is there more interest in anal pleasures? Part of the answer is that anal play provides new erotic sensations and can enliven a sex life that has become stagnate. Doing the same sexual routine does get old after many years.

Anal sex is considered taboo and off limits by many in mainstream society. Yet, both Taoist and Tantra traditions include anal sex as part of sexuality training.


There are many benefits from engaging in anal play. One benefit is that stimulating the anal area provides different types of sensations and pleasures. Even orgasms reached through anal stimulation are different from orgasms resulting from genital stimulation.

Breaking a taboo can be very empowering. Part of the appeal to anal sex is in making the choice to engage in forbidden sexual acts. There is a sense of being naughty and perhaps a bit slutty.

Another intrigue is discovering areas around and inside the anus to experience erotic sensations which bring about a whole new sexual experience and sexual pleasures. Stimulating different anal areas, both inside rectum and externally around the anal opening, bring about a whole new experience of sensations that are unique and different from stimulating anywhere else on the body.

One benefit is that anal play is an act of vulnerability. When we become more vulnerable we open our self to a deeper level of bonding and connection. Being vulnerable with a partner can bring a type of camaraderie and closeness. Allowing a partner to play with a part of the body that is off limits or playing with their off-limit area brings about a deeper connection. It is similar to being an act of conspiracy that is shared together.

Anal sex is a great means to play with different gender roles. The female can play the role of the penetrator using a strap-on while a male can play the role of receiving. This is an act of empowerment for both women and men. Too often we get stuck in socially prescribed roles due to the gender we are perceived to be. By exploring different gender roles, we receive the gifts of flexibility, new experiences, and renewed identity.

I view the anal area as the gateway to emotions and emotional energy. Through anal stimulation, the body can release a wide range of emotions. During anal sex, I have giggled and had tears running down my face. Through the process I reached a type of emotional catharsis.

Check It Out

Discover the art of anal stimulation and experience a whole new form of sexual expression to explore either solo or with your partner(s). The Raven's Lair Free Webinar Series features a variety of sexual education topics to explore.


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