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The Power of Body Modification

Body Modification

My radio show on March 26 - 27, 2016 was on Body Modification. In the show we covered a wide range of topics related to body modification.

Are there changes you would like to make with your submissive’s body or your body? Body Modification is a BDSM activity that receives less attention than many other forms of BDSM. Yet body modification can be a powerful transformation for both the submissive and the Dominant. There are basically two types of body modification, temporary and permanent.


I must warn you here. Before you attempt to perform any type of body modification, learn how to do it correctly and safely. Some types of body modification, both temporary and permanent, if done incorrectly can cause permanent nerve damage or infection.

There are experienced individuals in the BDSM scene who can assist you with knowledge and assistance about specific types of body modification. Do not rely on information you find on the internet alone as there is both good info and bad info and it is not always easy to tell the difference in a specific area. Learn from individuals who have successful experience with the body modification in the area you want to perform.


Both types of body modification can have a profound effect. Whether temporary or permanent modifications are performed; there is a sense of empowerment in body modification for both the Dominant and the submissive. There is also a sense of attaining control over the physical form and the body.

Add Sensitivity

Some types of body modification can be beneficial in other ways. For example, once one has restored the foreskin, the gland of the penis becomes more sensitive. Some types of piercings can also increase sensitivity in the genitals and nipples. Learn the safety protocol and correct procedures before attempting a body modification. If performed incorrectly one can cause permanent nerve damage and / or an infection.

Add Beauty

Some types of body modification are great ways to add beauty to the human body. Body jewelry is one way to leave your mark on a submissive and demonstrate your authority as their Dominant. In addition, the piercing can be performed as a ceremony that demonstrates a deeper commitment for the submissive’s service.

Reclaiming and Dedication

Some types of body modification can be an act of symbolic reclaiming or a symbolic statement of dedication. Give some thought to the body modification you want to achieve. Set a clear intention and purpose for the effect you want to achieve.

Creative Visualizations

Visualize in your mind the complete change you desire. Picture how it looks and feels. Imagine you have already completed the modification. How does that make you feel? Experience the feeling of self empowerment that the change in your body brings about. Experience the sense of happiness and pride of achieving the desired result brings to you. Fully experience the sense of accomplishment in your visualization. How does that make you feel?

If your submissive is undergoing the body modification by your command, have them perform the visualizations with you. Guide the submissive to visualize the completed body modification that they are performing.

Perform the visualizations in advance of the modification and if the modification is a process performed over time, do the visualizations daily while working on the modification.

Some Fun Ideas for Temporary Modifications

Temporary Body Modification with Needles

Some temporary modifications include temporary piercings and saline injections for temporary enlargement. Examples include temporary breast enlargement and temporarily creating hugh balls. (The saline is injected into the scrotum, not the testicles). A temporary tattoo is another example of temporary body modification.

Needle play utilizing decorated needles can transform a submissive into a living work of art. Add body paint and a mask to complete the project.

Temporary Body Modification - Back Body Art

There are some temporary modifications that require expertise and complex procedures. One example is to transform female genitalia into a semblance of the male genitalia.

There are wide assortments of temporary body modifications that can be used to completely objectify a submissive. One example would be to use needles to mount hanging tea candles on your submissive and turn them into a living candelabra.

Permanent Modifications

Permanent Body Modification is more powerful and can have an artistic element. Some permanent modifications are extreme but most tend to be milder. Permanent modifications can be performed but are not limited to the following areas:

Body Piercing / Genital Piercing


Breast Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Clitoral Enlargement

Foreskin Restoration

Penile Subincision / Genital Bisection

Ball Stretching

Anal Stretching

Stretching the Urethral Opening for Sounds Play

Ritualized Modifications

I have completed a couple of permanent body modifications on myself. I restored my foreskin and I received a Reverse Prince Albert Piercing as a part of a ritual. Both of these modifications provided me with greater sensitivity in the gland of my penis. Before the modifications I could not feel much sensation when wearing a condom. Now I feel so much more sensations through a condom when practicing safer sex.

Be Patient

Some permanent body modifications take time. For example, it took me a year and a half to restore my foreskin. I expect breast enlargement will take about as much time. While there is a temptation to speed up the process, focus on the process. We live in a society where instant gratification is valued. Too often we expect instant gratification in everything.

Taking time and becoming fully immersed in the process has many benefits. I learned unexpected knowledge about myself through the process. I learned to treasure each milestone I achieved. The journey gave me a great sense of accomplishment that was based on real life experience of accomplishing each step of my goal.

Aides to Body Modification

Find a way to measure your progress in body modifications that take time. In some modifications, change is slow and often progress is not visible. By finding a way to measure your progress, you will determine that progress is being made even when it is not visible at first.

There are several methods that can be used with body modification. Along with making physical changes, I found that the use of creative visualization meditations help speed up the process as well as providing better results with the physical alterations. Self hypnosis can also be a great aid when doing physical modifications.

We each have a powerful mind. Through hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be given directives to bring about physiological processes in the body to aid in the body modification process.

Raven’s Lair provides Sex Coaching services. Part of the Sex Coaching service that will be included for clients who want to create powerful changes is Guided Body Modification Visualizations and hypnosis sessions. Sign up for a free sex coaching exploration call today at

Power Exchange and Transformation

When I performed my Hermaphrodite Reclaiming Ritual, I reclaimed a birth right. I did not expect it, but a power exchange occurred between everyone present at the ritual. Everyone put energy into the ritual. By the end of the ritual we each experienced synergy which transformed all of us into empowered individuals. The Hermaphrodite Reclaiming Ritual is one of the most transformative rituals I have practiced. During the ritual, the female mysteries and the male mysteries were brought together as a part of exploring the Third Gender. Each person present gained insights into their own sexual identity.

I became a whole person that night. It wasn’t that I was not good at living life, as I have many success stories from before that night. What I receive that night was a vision into my inner core being of who I truly am. I became whole and complete in my identity as a Hermaphrodite. I became confident in being a person of the Third Gender.

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