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Celebrate Bisexuality Week



Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD)


September 23rd


CBD is a day for bisexuals to celebrate being bisexual.  When I started Celebrate Bisexuality Day with Wendy and Michael, I wanted a day to celebrate being a bisexual.  Living in Texas it was difficult growing up as a bisexual.  At times I felt lonely and isolated.  Just about everyone I knew was either gay or straight.  I have always known I was attracted to boys and girls.  When I came out, both gay and straights rejected my bisexuality.  I think a lot of it was due to biphobia and to some extent my own internalized biphobia.


I wanted a day to join other bisexuals to celebrate and to help ease biphobia.  I wanted a day that would help change the world.  In 1999 when the first CBD was launched, September 23rd was the Autumn Equinox.  In pagan beliefs, the Autumn Equinox is the day of calling.  It felt like the perfect day to call out to bisexuals to celebrate and have pride in being bisexual.  To see what other bisexuals are doing all over the world for CBD this year, go to Bi Visibility Day!


I write this about Celebrate Bisexuality Day as a beacon for change.  Since CBD was first started in 1999, people all over the world have joined the celebration.  About a year ago I went on a vision quest to evaluate and get in tune with what my ultimate goal and mission in life is.  Through writing and performing rituals and creative visualizations, I discovered my ultimate quest in life.  My passion is to create a sex-positive world through adult education and BDSM performance art.


Reflecting on my life, I have been doing this for much of my adult life.  I just did not have the words and the focus of my journey.  I have been running Aphrodite’s Temple for pagan festivals and regional Burningman events.  Aphrodite’s Temple is a sex-positive environment for adults to explore sexuality and have freedom of sexual expression.  All adults are welcome at Aphrodite’s Temple.  All sexual orientations, all gender identities, and all sexes are welcome to learn and play.  I provide workshops during the day.  At night the temple is open for adult play.


I mention this because I envision a world that is sexually liberated and a world that is sex-positive.  Lorraine Hutchens wrote:  In our culture sex = sin.  In the ancient world sex = sacred.  I have embraced these words to guide me as a sacred harlot.  At the heart of a sex–positive environment:  sex = sacred.


I wish you a sex-positive environment to flourish in your unique form of sexual expression.

For Bisexuals Only - An Educational Bisexual Erotic Adventure

Part 1 and 2 - For Bisexuals Only is a video trilogy that explores bisexuality, information about alturnative lifestyles, and a whole lot more.  The videos include an interpretation of a unique perspective of third gender and being bisexual.  

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