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In most areas of life, we have access to information in many areas of life.  One area we don't receive adequate training is human sexuality.
Would you like to start living a sex positive lifestyle with a fresh new attitude about human sexuality.  Learn skills to develop the attitude that sex is a sacred act and learn the sexual education that you should have received.
Get started today and gain mastery in your love life with the following training programs.

The Sex Positive Training Program

The Body Image Healing Training Program

Would you like to remove the shackles from living in the dark ages of sexuality?


Which statements do you identify with (pick all that apply):

I am sexy and beautiful!

I love sex and I have an amazing sex drive.

I love my body just as it is.  My body is beautiful in both form and function.


If you don’t identify with all the above statements, it is not your fault.  We all live in a sex-negative culture.  We are all influenced by sex-negative social conditioning which strips away these values and replaces them with a devalued sense of our bodies.  Click the button to learn more:


The Erotic Body Map Training Program

I have developed The Erotic Body Map which is a training program to learn about your unique sensual body and develop a communication system to use with your intimate partner which opens the door to sexual ecstasy.


By completing the training and exercises, you will experience a new insight into your sexual self.  You will discover that you are worthy of love and awesome ecstasy.  You have the gift of a sensual body and will discover a new method to explore sexual enlightenment.  It starts with learning the skill of sex-positive communication to bring about a sex-positive lifestyle.  Reach new levels of sexual ecstasy today.


Esoteric Adventures

A Sacred Harlot's Photo Essay

The photo essay started as an erotic artistic expression of the path I follow.  As I wrote and photographed some of the transformational events in my life, the photo essay took on a life of its own.  I have lived a life full of passion and intensity, so be forewarned.  This material covers some of my intense experiences in BDSM and spirituality.  I do not want to water it down and give the impression that life is always sweet and nice.  While I have experienced an amazing life, there have been times that I had to challenge myself.  By meeting these challenges, I have grown and flourished as a Sacred Harlot. 


A spiritual journey of this nature takes on a dream like quality.  In the essay, I have captured some of the dream like qualities in some of the photos as well as some of the writings. 


Included within the essay are a few rituals, devotionals, and sacred moments from my experiences.  I have included some materials from The Coven of the Sacred Harlots.  This photo essay has pagan elements as well as BDSM elements.  It is a blending of many elements. 

Click the link to learn more and watch a short video.

The BDSM Basics Training Program

Do you know what your passion is in BDSM? 


How would you like to create a sizzling hot BDSM scene with your submissive or Dominant? 


When I first started exploring BDSM, I had no idea of what my passion was.  I knew when I thought of BDSM it gave me tingling sensations in my crotch.  I had a vague idea and some vague fantasies centered in BDSM, but I had no clear concept of exactly what I wanted to experience.  


On top of that, I had seen a few BDSM scenes but I did not understand how to perform a scene.  Unfortunately, as I discovered later, there are many elements of a scene that are not visible when one observes a scene.  It took me several years to discover these hidden elements and how to use them in a scene.


In The BDSM Basics Training Program I cover all this and much more.


Course includes the following Training Components:


The BDSM Interest Evaluation

Exploring BDSM

Dominant Role Play

Corporal Punishment

Flogger Training

Spiritual Aspects of BDSM

Crisis Intervention

Suicide Intervention



The BDSM Intermediate Training Program


Once I learned how to create a BDSM scene, I realized there were many BDSM activities that I wanted to learn how to perform safely.  I had seen many scenes that I found fascinating and I definitely wanted to learn more.  There were many scenes that I saw amazing Dominants perform scenes that were so exciting they caught everyone’s attention.  I realized these Dominants had studied and perfected their techniques not only with the physical mechanics, but also with psychosexual control. 


I was eager to learn how they performed scenes so well.  So I started interviewing Dominant women and men who specialized in Caning, Hot Wax Play, Knife Edge Play, Tens Unit, and the Violet Wand.  These activities each had special qualities that I found amazing. 


The Advanced BDSM Training Program

Learn advanced Domination skills in a variety of BDSM activities that will add a whole new dimension to your role-playing scenes.
This course includes bonus materials.  Learn psychosexual and psychological Domination techniques in a variety of emotional play activities.


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