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Goddess Worship / Master Worship?

Are you into being worshipped as a Dominant? Is your submissive into worshipping you?

Worship is a deep need for many submissives. Worship allows a submissive to perform rituals and devotion. It provides a submissive a feeling of total dedication. Religions have tapped into the need to worship. As a Dominant, you too can tap into this powerful need that many submissives have to worship and dedicate themselves to a power greater than what they have internally in themselves. Most submissives have this need. I doubt that they would be eager to submit to a Dominant if the need was not present to some degree or another.

Goddess Worship can take on a variety of forms. If your submissive needs direction and guidance, performing worship ceremonies can be a great benefit to both you and your submissive. There is an amazing mystical element that a person receives when they perform worship. As a Dominant, by adding worship ceremonies and rituals to your play, it can add a real depth to your relationship with your sub.

Goddess worship is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your submissive. Perhaps you may be wondering, “How do I start incorporating Goddess Worship into our play scenes”.

Worship can be incorporated into your play quite easily. Give your submissive some assignments to complete while you are not physically present. Some examples include having them polish your shoes, boots, and other leather gear. Instruct them to picture you wearing well polished leather in your next scene while they polish the leather.

Another assignment that is a little bit bolder is to assign your submissive to create a shrine to you and perform daily devotions naked in front of the shrine. You can even write a Devotion to my Mistress/Master that they will recite each day. Then have them give a full detailed report of their devotions in your next scene.

If your submissive has a foot fetish or even a shoe fetish, then foot worship is one form of Goddess Worship. Have them massage your feet and kiss your feet with reverence and respect.

Perhaps your submissive has a need to be a service sub. Having you submissive serve and wait on you hand-and-foot is another type of worship. Be sure to instruct the submissive to show you reverence and dedication while they perform their service to you.

Body worship is another form of worship. Instruct your submissive perform a worship ceremony of your beautiful body.

With a little imagination you can create worship ceremonies, worship rituals, and dedication rituals to your scenes and assignments. Then have your submissive give a full detailed report of their worship exercise. If they have not performed to your satisfaction, then they have earned a punishment. Over time, a deep bond will form and you will gain a submissive that is more eager to serve and please you.

Performing Devotion To My Mistress

Confessions are another type of worship that adds another level of power to the worship. Have your submissive confess their most intimate fantasies and secret desires to you. An added bonus to this form of worship is that you will gain insights into your submissive’s mind and their desires.

While I have given a few examples of worship, feel free to develop your own worship rituals and ceremonies. I would love to see your creative use of worship that you dream up for your submissive. Please add it to the Blog Comment Form below and share your creative ideas with other Dominants.

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