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About Ladyboy Gigi

As the title Ladyboy implies, I am a hermaphrodite (I know, not the politically correct term) but as a pagan, I celebrate the hermaphrodites from ancient days when we had a role and function in society. We were the shamans and healers.

I am a psychosexual healer. I heal through sexual education by teaching about forming a genital heart connection. I heal through teaching about living a sex positive lifestyle practicing the sacred art of sexuality. I heal by teaching about shifting into our higher consciousness through the daily practice of erotic morning affirmations to start the day.

My life vision is to create a sex positive world through adult sexual education and erotic BDSM performance art.

As a Dominant, I act as the shaman. I guide my submissive in an inward journey into subspace bringing powerful growth and development through the process. I bring the purification and cleansing process of erotic pain to my submissive, opening the door to intense ecstasy.

These are but a few of my skills.


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