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Beltane - Celebration of Spring Fertility

Aphrodite's Temple at ESP

Pagan Festivals and Aphrodite’s Temple

Raven’s Lair runs Aphrodite’s Temple (a sacred sex temple which includes BDSM play) for two pagan organizations. The photograph was taken years ago of Aphrodite's Temple at Earth Spirit People. Since then, the Temple area is surrounded by a privacy fence. In Aphrodite's Temple we hold workshops during the day and open up for adult play at night. The Counsel Of Magickal Arts (CMA) and Earth Spirit People (ESP) are both festivals held on private campgrounds. If you are interested in attending either or both festivals here is the information and links:


You can attend the whole festival or just part of it. You must get tickets by the registration deadline if you want to attend. Entire festival is clothing optional.


You can get tickets at the gate or purchase them early. Adult camping area is clothing optional. The rest of the campground is clothing required.

At both festivals, I set up dungeon equipment in a private enclosure. In addition to Aphrodite’s Temple, there are workshops, revels fire, drumming, dancing, pagan rituals, vendor booths, and a whole lot more to experience. If you have never experienced a pagan festival, you are in for an amazing experience.

Both festivals have family camping and adult camping. While children can attend both festivals, you must be 18 years old or older to attend Aphrodite’s Temple. Both festivals allow alcohol consumption, after all it is Beltane. Come discover Beltane, a spring fertility celebration.

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