Raven's Lair
Art, Education, and
Performance Productions
Aphrodite's Temple at Night
Raven’s Lair is a safe haven for kindred spirits who celebrate alternative lifestyles and thrive in
alternative environments.  At Raven’s Lair, we explore our primal nature through BDSM
Performance Art, creative BDSM Role Playing Scenes, and through adult education.  Safe, sane,
and consensual adult play is at the heart of all of our services.

Raven's Lair is a sex-positive environment. Our philosophy is that human sensual expression
between consenting adults is to be celebrated, no matter what form it takes as long as it
does not cause permanent damage to the participants. Raven's Lair provides BDSM
Performance Art, a Professional Dominatrix Training Program, Pro Domme Studio
Sessions, The Dominant’s Handbook – An Intimate Guide to BDSM, and runs
Aphrodite’s Temple for several organizations.