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Welcome to Aphrodite’s Temple

Aphrodite’s Temple is loosely based on principles and philosophies of ancient day
sacred sex temples.  The purpose of this site is to provide sexual education and
information about sacred sex.

Aphrodite’s Temple is a sex-positive environment for kindred spirits to explore
various forms of human sexual expression between consenting adults.  

In a sex-negative environment, sex = sin.

In a sex-positive environment, sex = sacred.

The primary functions of Aphrodite’s Temple is to provide a sex-positive
environment for consenting adults to explore a wide range of human sexual
expression with freedom from ridged social pressure to conform to a set of social
sexual standards / morals and to provide psychosexual healing through sex-positive
sexual experiences.

“If the goddess had intended for humans to have sex, she would have given them
genitals” a quote by Gigi from Aphrodite’s Temple.  It is my hope that the information
in this website will inspire individuals to grow in their sexual development, overcome
fear of taboos, exploring outside the box, and reaching enlightenment in their own

Explore this site and discover a new approach to human sexual expression.

Aphrodite’s Temple is currently run at Pagan Festivals in Central Texas.  For more
information about the festivals, email Gigi.

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Aphrodite’s Temple is
currently run at a Pagan
Festival twice a year in Central
Texas.  For more information
about the festivals,
email Gigi.

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