A Celebration of submissives

I have high standards for a person who wants to be trained as one of my submissives.

As I am sadistic, I require a submissive to need punishment and pain.

Have a deep need to worship their Mistress.

Have a need to serve and provide services as I command.

Be eager to follow my orders and commands.

Desire training and are excited to perform challenging exercises for personal growth and development.

They must be into sexual servitude.

Eager to learn tantric sexual skills.

They must desire receiving genital torture.

Confess their secret sexual desires.

Become open and vulnerable at an intensely intimate level.

I write this for the submissives who have served me in the past, present, and those who will serve me in the future.

I celebrate your primal needs and desires for:



Providing Service




Psychosexual Interrogations

The Dark Path of Sexuality

Submissives of my past, present, and future; I celebrate our symbiotic BDSM sessions.

We feed on each other, fulfilling each other’s needs.

You have spent hours performing the preparation exercises I ordered you to perform.

You showed up for our sessions horny, receptive, and in the headspace to suffer at my hand – physically and psychologically.

With my direction, you have faced sexual taboos, fears, and naked examinations.

You showed up for your evaluation and examination.

You faced shame and guilt, confessing your deepest secrets.

You knelt at the altar of my body in humble submission and devotion to your hermaphrodite goddess.

You worshipped your Mistress’s clitty-cock, realizing both the feminine and masculine mysteries contained within your goddess.

You thrived in the passions of the sadistic / masochist dance of torture.

We bonded and forged the connection only a submissive and Dominant can know.

I gave you the discipline you need.

I taught you how to embrace pain. To not fight pain but breath it in.

You learned how pain purifies and transforms your soul.

At my order, you gave me control of your basic needs.

I brought tears within your eyes.

I marked you with my scent.

I brought you sweet torturous sexual pleasures without release for hours.

I relished in your tormented pleas for me to allow you to cum.

Watching you squirm, aching for orgasm.

I love the dark forbidden sex rituals we performed.

Feeding on your torment and pain.

Watching you writhe and moan.

Then the reward for services that you provided with devotion and service.

I bring you pleasures of the flesh and command you to fly in sexual ecstasy as I mix pleasure with pain.

I am the shaman that guides your flight into subspace.

And after you are spent, I nurtured you feeding you energy from my breast as you suckle.

I feed you comfort food and order you to drink.

In silence we ride the waves of intense scene afterglow.

For all this, I celebrate submissives.

Written by Ladyboy Gigi


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