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Raven’s Lair is offering 2 free gifts:

Exploring BDSM Training

Crisis Intervention Training.

Would you like to learn how to put together a captivating BDSM Scene? In Exploring BDSM you will learn some of the behind the scene dynamics that ensure a great BDSM Scene as well as the structure of a BDSM Scene.

Many Dominant’s have never learned the underlying dynamics of a BDSM Scene. In Exploring BDSM, you will learn the art of performing a captivating BDSM Scene and learn techniques to form deeper bonds with your submissive.

You may wonder why forming deeper bonds with a submissive is important. There are several benefits which include:

The submissive gains a deeper trust in you.

The submissive will endure more torment and intense sensations for you.

The submissive will be more eager to serve and please their Dominant.

The submissive will open up and share their intimate nature, both physically and psychologically.

You benefit from all these and more when you bond deeper.

Gain new expertise and watch the free video Exploring BDSM! Go to: http://www.ravenslairleather.com/

Have you ever been concerned about accidently triggering an emotional land mine in a submissive during a BDSM Play Scene? Hopefully you will never face a crisis situation. Yet reality often hands us challenges. While Crisis Intervention Training will provide information on how to prevent a crisis situation from arising, sometimes a crisis can be triggered completely by accident. If a crisis does occur, this training will help you identify a crisis situation and provide you with the tools to successfully resolve a crisis situation. This training is a step by step guide that is easy to learn.

Gain new expertise and watch the free video Crisis Intervention! Go to: http://www.ravenslairleather.com/

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