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Esoteric Adventures - A Sacred Harlot's Photo Essay has just been launched at Raven's Lair. The photo essay is an erotic artistic adult education photo essay that provides insight into behind the scenes look into the pagan path of a sacred harlot. It includes pagan rituals, poetry, erotic photography, a morning affirmation, short essays, and reclaiming a birth right.

If you are interested in learning about an ecclectic pagan path, Esoteric Adventures is a must have book. The photos and writings are about a life journey full of ordeals and rituals. Insights into some of the practices of a pagan priestess who runs Aphrodite's Temple (a modern day sacred sex temple) are illustrated. Glimpses into sex magick are presented in The Stag Hunt section.

Learn about Aphrodite's Temple, a ritual bath, reclaiming, ritualistic BDSM, and taboo. The photo essay brings all this to life. Order the e-book in PDF format through the store or purchase the video from the Video Courses page which includes a free copy of the e-book here at Raven's Lair website.

Aphrodite's Temple at night.

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